Hellooo Yogyakarta!

A bit about me first,

My name is Ellen and I am going into my senior year at the University of Michigan.  I am currently embarking on a great adventure as part of a study abroad trip in Yogykarta Indonesia this summer. I will be keeping this blog in order to fill those interested in on all of my adventures in this amazing city!

Well, after about 24 hours of traveling and darting through airports, passing through numerous security checks, and devouring meal after meal of airplane food I am now in Yogyakarta.  When we first arrived I was instantly taken by the humid heat and the buzz of countless  motorbikes crowding the streets.  As I watched them darting in and out of lanes of traffic (which are now on opposite sides of the road) I realized that I was not in Kansas, rather, Ann Arbor anymore.  Arriving at my new home for the next 2 weeks was exciting and I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely and open the house is. My room is a nice size and though the mattress is much firmer than I’m used to it has actually been quite comfortable.

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