Finals days in Jogja continued…

In addition to the various organizations and religious institutions we visited, we also got a chance to go on a field trip to Borobudur.  Borobudur is this huge ancient Buddhist temple in Magelang (same town as the Pesantren) that has these amazing intricately carved stone depicting different parts of the Buddha’s life.  So many people were there and I could certainly see why people would flock from all corners of the earth to see something as ancient and breathtaking as Borobudur.

My final few days in Jogja were great!  We went to some more organizations that had primary focuses on religious pluralism and multiculturalism and we got to learn about Batik painting and Javanese dance.  Now I’ve always been more of an artsy type of person so all of those activities were sooooo much fun for me.  I absolutely love Javanese dance, I think it is so beautiful and I love to watch their graceful movements along with the gamelan.  Oh and I also really loved learning about Javanese puppetry and getting to play around with some of the puppets when we got the honor of meeting with a Javanese puppet master.  Ugh, I can’t say enough good things about those experiences and I wish that I could go back in time and do it all again.  But considering that I don’t have a time machine, I’ll just have to find a way to live in Indonesia and do all of these fantastic things again.

My last day and night in Jogja was incredible.  We got to have an amazing dinner and see the Ramayana Ballet as part of our farewell dinner.  Then on our last night we went to a nearby beach and enjoyed freshly grilled corn on the cob while watching the sunset.  Definitely one of those moments in life that you just can’t capture in a photo or with a video camera.  No, this was a moment that I took in and saved in my memory forever.  Even in writing this now, I long to be back there, I miss Jogja! Sigh…

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