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Transition Time

We are woefully behind on our blogging. We just have been too busy with our program and our new friends. We will catch up soon on everything from meeting the Sultan to seeing the Ramayan.

With the Sultan

But today was an important day. Our Indonesian friends left for America. As I write, they are making their way from Jogja to Jokarta to Singapore to Tokyo and eventually to Detroit. We Americans follow them tomorrow.

It is thus a very interesting time: A time of appreciation for all we have done and seen in Jogja; A time of sadness that our little group has been separated and that we will be leaving behind Heru, Indra, Kiki, Monik, Abe, and Suhkar; and a time of anticipation for the learning, fun and excitement in America.

Terima Kasih, Jogja! — from Jack and All

The Ramayan


June 8: “After Jihad” – Muhammad Najib Azca, Ph.D.

“After Jihad” – Muhammad Najib Azca, Ph.D.

Our Home-Wisma Cempaka

“The Committee”


June 3: Leaving JFK

Anne Marie and Fulvia at JFK