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America the Beautiful

I’ll quickly recap Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday we went to Philadelphia and went to the National Constitution Center and the Historical District.  We had lunch at Reading Terminal which basically made my day because I got to have my favorite soy chicken sandwich from this suuuper delicious vegetarian restaurant there.  I also got to see my sister briefly which was nice.  Later that evening I went to my first baseball game and unfortunately I didn’t really follow…any of it but it was still fun nonetheless.

Today was also pretty great, we went to the Moravian Museum in Bethlehem and learned a lot more about the early history of this city.  After that we got to have a pretty long chat with the mayor!  I couldn’t believe that he spent as much time with us as he did.  Oh my gosh, that reminds me I  think I completely forgot to mention that we also got to chat with the Sultan of Jogja in Indonesia too!! In both cases, they were both so gracious with their time and were so willing to talk with us and answer our questions.  Boy has this trip taken us to some important places.  I mean I can now say that I got to meet a Sultan, like seriously…how cool is that!?

But back to my day today, so after meeting with the mayor we went to Amish country and got to eat dinner with an Amish family!  Okay, the dinner was soooo good and I can’t stop thinking about the mashed potatoes we had there because they were amazing.  It’s funny because Amish country wasn’t completely what I was expecting because now a days there is more technology than I would have thought.  For example, many of them do have propane powered ovens and refrigerators.  They also have phones and some of the young people even have cell phones (I don’t think that is very common though).  The family we ate with was so kind and their home was lovely.  Before eating with the family, we went to a few shops and I had one of their famous pretzels and I also bought some honey mustard, pickles, and salve.  Tomorrow we are going to New York City…oh snap! One thing I will say about this portion of the trip is that I am looking at my own country with new eyes having the Indonesian students here and I must say that America is in fact quite beautiful.